LETT US OPEN Bracket Challenge  -4.png

LETT’s have some fun and rally around the children served by the Birmingham Area Tennis Association’s Learning Excellence Through Tennis – LETT – Program. 


Join our US Open Bracket Challenge today.


Now more than ever, you can make a tremendous difference in the lives of children in our community – all while having fun with fellow tennis enthusiasts!


Help us to provide tennis, educational opportunities, and character-building lessons to children in our community. Your support will make our work possible and enable us to provide no-charge outreach programming to under-served youth and offer scholarships for our fee-based programs.


-       Entry Fees are $25 

-       Up to 5 entries per person for each (men’s and women’s) bracket

-       25% goes to LETT, 50% to the winner of each draw and 25% to 2nd place on each draw.

-       The entry period begins Thursday, August 27 at 5pm and ends Monday, August 31 at 10am


More people participating = more FUN, more prize money and more money enabling the LETT program to provide lifelong benefits to underserved children in the Greater Birmingham area.


Step One – Make Your Donation

Visit this link https://lettennis.networkforgood.com/projects/64294-lett-annual-fund to donate on our secure site. Each entry is $25. You can make up to 5 entries in the men’s bracket and up to 5 entries in the women’s bracket.  Make sure the email address you use is the same one you use when completing your bracket entry.  

Step Two – Visit this link to enter your brackets 

US Open Men’s Bracket Challenge http://bit.ly/LETTUSOpenMensBracketChallenge

US Open Women’s Bracket Challenge http://bit.ly/LETTUSOpenWomensBracketChallenge


Please email lettennisprograms@gmail.com if you have any questions or need additional information.