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After-School PROGRAMS



LETT's after school programs are critical to youth, their families and the community.


After school programs provide a safe, positive and healthy environment, help working families and inspire learning. Tennis provides a way to exercise, learn sportsmanship and teamwork and is the "hook" that motivates children to participate in other programs and activities.


We currently partner with Better Basics, Birmingham City Schools, and UAB to provide tennis in local Afterschool programs. If your school or organization are interested in partnering with us, please email




​Children who have participated in one or more of the LETT programs and wish to play tennis competitively are eligible to join the year round Excellence Program. Participants participate in Junior Team Tennis and/or tournaments to improve their playing skills.



The flex league offers players the chance to play singles, doubles, and/or mixed against players of similar ability and at times convenient to the players. 

Proceeds from the Flex League support the LETT Program.

For more information visit

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